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Document Sharing and Web Meetings with a Single Click

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ShowDocument lets you do quick and easy real-time collaboration with others with no software required

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For tutors, students, companies and individuals | App-based web meetings

Share documents online

Upload (from your computer, server, web or other source), share, discuss and annotate on a wide range of documents, including Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint®, Adobe® PDF, text, image and video clip files.

Share an online whiteboard

Brainstorm with co-workers, document client requirements with online collaborative whiteboards. A wide range of tools let you annotate, mark-up, and add comments. Annotations can be printed or saved.

Share your screen

Hands-on training just got easier with ShowDocument’s Screen Sharing and Screen Capture features. Show students, colleagues or clients in real time any application that’s running on your computer.

Co-edit documents

Co-edit, collaborate and work on document type files (e.g. DOC, RTF, TXT) with colleagues, business partners, clients or anyone else connected to the Internet.

Use a chat translator

Don’t let language barriers get in the way … ShowDocument’s real-time translator you select the language in which you wish to communicate, and translates all incoming text instantly.

Share Google Maps

Giving directions? Need to point out where a hard-to-find office is located? Simultaneously view and annotate Google Maps™ with others, show locations and mark routes.

Voice, video and text chat

Experience web meetings as they should be … with integrated voice, video and text features. Replicate in-person meetings with anyone, anywhere. All you need is a computer that’s connected to the Internet.

Share web pages

Working on a new website or web-based application? Take a snapshot of a web page share it with colleagues or clients. You can review and annotate it together, and then save it as a PDF.

Share YouTube videos

Watch YouTube™ videos with colleagues or students online. ShowDocument lets you pause the video and annotate the still video image – a critical teaching aide!

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