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How it Works

ShowDocument lets you share documents and host online meetings and collaboration sessions with colleagues, clients, friends and family using a host of collaboration Apps. It takes just a few minutes to invite participants and start a ShowDocument session.

  1. Sign-up

    Register for a ShowDocument Account.

    We offer FREE and Professional level subscriptions. Select Professional if you’d like to have audio and video capabilities, and further flexibility such as unlimited session times and number of concurrent applications used.

  2. Start a session

    All it takes is a single click on the Start a session button on the ShowDocument homepage.

  3. Now invite participants to your online meeting and you’re done!

    When in the session, click on Invite new participants button at the top left.

    Enter the participant’s email address and ShowDocument will send them an invitation, or copy the link to the session if you wish to invite them personally. You can also provide them with the session number, which they can enter in on the ShowDocument homepage.

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ShowDocument Access Options

ShowDocument provides many options for starting and hosting web meetings and document sharing. Choose the method that best fits your life and work style.

Access MethodSelect If You ...You Can ...Benefits
Web browserPrefer to work online.Initiate & participate in meetingsInitiate sessions right from the ShowDocument homepage.
Browser Add-onAnticipate frequent online meetings.Initiate & participate in meetingsInitiate sessions in just one click.
Mobile AppTravel frequently.Only participate in meetingsParticipate from your mobile phone.
ShowDocument DashboardDon’t want to use your Web browser.Initiate & participate in meetingsDesktop version frees up your browser.

Collaboration Apps

Once you’ve logged in to ShowDocument you can choose the collaboration apps you want to use from the App Center. The Apps you choose will be available from the Main Menu of your ShowDocument account. To use a collaboration app, simple click on its icon.

Questions? Comments?

Check out the Forum or contact us.