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HBR Labs, Inc. Attributes volcanic ash in Europe with this week's increase in use of web meeting and online collaboration tools; suspension of air travel necessitates increased use of online document sharing and real time communication platforms

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI - April 19, 2010 -Business people, students, families and other victims of suspended air flights to and around European countries have been struggling to find alternate ways of face-to-face communication since the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull has filled the skies with glass, rock and sand-filled ash clouds which worsened this week. Since the cessation of air flights beginning April 16, principals of HBR Labs, Inc., a developers of web collaboration and communication solutions, have seen an increase in the number of users of their free ShowDocument and VeriShow live collaboration tools which can create an online communication exchange almost as satisfying as being there.

"We have noted an increase of approximately 25% in visitors to the websites for ShowDocument and VeriShow, and a definite increase in sign-ups," says Yuval Moed, CEO of HBR Labs, Inc. "The disruption of European travel has created a need for communication tools, and we've noted a trend of new and increased customer use from countries including the United Kingdom, France and the US."

Moed continues, "If someone can't visit in person, these applications can save them time, money and frustration. It's been an unexpected circumstance to see these services become more popular due to a hazard of nature, but they are very effective alternatives now when travel becomes almost impossible. In fact, transportation secretaries at the various European countries met Sunday in a video conference to discuss how to handle the crisis, as they also could not travel. This further illustrates how communication through such tools is becoming important today.”

Web meetings where users can meet online in dedicated meeting rooms as well as document sharing that allows real time online collaboration and editing are made easy and convenient through HBR Labs' ShowDocument. ShowDocument is a powerful yet simple Software as a Service (SaaS) application that allows personal and business users to enjoy the benefits of real-time online interaction, communication and collaboration, without any software downloads or installation. Sign-up is quick and free and accomplished from the tool's homepage at http://www.showdocument.com.

HBR Lab's VeriShow platform just released in February allows live interaction between customer service representatives and website visitors, just as if they were speaking face to face. It, too, is an add-on tool that requires no purchase or software download. Designed to help small to mid-sized businesses including e-commerce and e-services provide a higher level of customer support, VeriShow can help companies demonstrate or suggest products, provide online training, share images and videos, work together on documents, interact through drawing tools, and more, all incorporating chat, voice and video conferencing tools. Live web meetings through VeriShow provide instant feedback and information to customers, thus helping e-commerce companies increase sales conversion rates, time efficiency and cost savings. Setup of VeriShow is accomplished through registering for a free account at http://www.verishow.com and embedding a website link that site visitors can click on to initiate the session.

For more information on ShowDocument or VeriShow , visit the product websites at www.showdocument.com or www.verishow.com. Find out more about HBR Labs and its interactive platforms at www.hbrlabs.com, or contact the company at info@hbrlabs.com.

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About ShowDocument:

ShowDocument is a powerful yet simple free-to-use Software as a Service (SaaS) application for web conferencing, web meeting and online document sharing. It enables users to participate in meetings, presentations and training sessions; review and annotate documents and images; and provide web-based consultation, help and support.

About VeriShow:

VeriShow is an advanced add-on provided by HBR Labs, Inc. that enables website owners to easily integrate text, voice and video communication as well as document sharing and collaborative working functionality into their websites to assist in sales, reduced overhead and increased efficiency through live, real time interaction. HBR Labs was founded by an experienced Internet and eCommerce team in January 2007 to develop and market easy-to-use, intuitive and affordable web-based solutions that help companies and individuals to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

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