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ShowDocument Release Notes

ShowDocument 3.0, February 20, 2011

ShowDocument is expanding its capabilities to offer users more flexibility, access and on-demand in-session applications.

As of this release, we invite our users to become more involved with the development of ShowDocument apps. Our apps are the driving force behind our platform and allow our users to pick the method (or methods) of collaboration that work best for their project.

In this release, we are addressing various requests you made and believe your future sessions and interaction through ShowDocument will continue to become more effective and productive. This is done by providing an Apps Center where you can select the apps you wish to use, an open API to allow developers develop their own apps, a Dashboard that eliminates the need to be logged in via your browser, an add-on to your browser to allow quick access to ShowDocument sessions from your browser, and access to sessions from Android mobile devices.

The following provides some more details about the new capabilities of this release:

  • App Center: The ShowDocument collaboration apps can be now selected from our App Center. In the Apps Center we organized the apps in four categories:
    • Most Popular,
    • Productivity,
    • Entertainment,
    • Utilities.

    The Apps Center allows users to identify and locate the ShowDocument apps that best fits their needs. The Apps Center is found in the Apps tab of the ShowDocument website. Users can add or remove an app from account and launch an app directly from the Apps Center. Further app management is available in the My Account section. Note that new apps (e.g. Fill Forms) were also added to ShowDocument!

  • Community API: The development team of ShowDocument is happy to announce the publication of the ShowDocument API. The API is an invaluable resource to users with some programing experience who are interested in creating new and innovative applications for the ShowDocument collaboration suite. If you have some programming experience, particularly with Action Script, there are lots of ways to contribute. See our developers’ page for more information on building applications for ShowDocument.
  • ShowDocument Dashboard: The ShowDocument Dashboard is version of ShowDocument for your desktop. It loads up on computer start-up and allows ShowDocument users to access ShowDocument sessions without having to be logged into a browser. The ShowDocument Dashboard is available via download. Once the ShowDocument Dashboard is installed, a ShowDocument icon will be displayed on the user’s desktop navigation bar. The Dashboard is available in the Account Admin (when logged in to ShowDocument). Note that installing the Dashboard is completely optional and it is possible to continue to use ShowDocument through a web browser.
  • Browser add-on: The ShowDocument Browser Add-on is a simpler and faster way to access the ShowDocument platform while you are online. The Browser add-on allows you to open a collaborative session without having to visit the ShowDocument website. Once installed, a ShowDocument icon appears in your web browser’s top menu bar. When the icon is clicked, a ShowDocument session will open. Participants can join the session as normal. The ShowDocument Browser Add-on is available in the Browser Add-on page. Additionally, for Google ChromeTM users we made a Chrome Web Store App available, which provides similar functionality – it is a matter of personal preference for them, whether to install the Chrome App or the Browser add-on. Note that installing these is completely optional.
  • Mobile Capabilities: ShowDocument Mobile allows users to view and participate in Web meetings and real-time collaboration sessions from their mobile devices. Once installed, ShowDocument mobile is available in your mobile device’s applications list. Mobile users can view ShowDocument session content (such as images or documents shown, screen shared etc), the list of session participants, and chat live with session participants through their mobile device. Mobile users can participate in collaboration sessions with others who access the platform through the mobile application or who access the application through their PC’s browser. ShowDocument Mobile is compatible with all Android 2.2 (or above) devices and is available via download in the Android Market on your android mobile device (search for ShowDocument) or by using the QR code or direct link to the market, available on the ShowDocument Mobile page. Blackberry and iPhone versions are in development and will be available in the near future.