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ShowDocument Dashboard

The Dashboard is the desktop version of Showdocment. It is an easy way to access all of the features of ShowDocument through your desktop. Conduct web-based meeting and share documents without using a Web browser.

Don’t want to use a browser for web meetings and document sharing? Download ShowDocument Dashboard today – it’s free!

ShowDocument Dashboard is the desktop version of ShowDocument, a convenient way for you to access the ShowDocument collaborative platform.

ShowDocument Dashboard lets you log-in and chat with family members, students tutors, clients and colleagues – without using a Web browser.

Simple installation, great benefits:

  • Free to download
  • Loads on computer start-up
  • Remain logged in and available for incoming sessions
  • Automatic notifications on updates
  • Suitable for Apple Mac OS X® and Microsoft Windows® XP, Vista, 7

Ready to install? It's simple!

Click the appropriate download button for your computer to install the Dashboard:

Download Windows Installer Download Mac Installer

You may also be interested in the Browser Add-on!

Add ShowDocument to your Web browser’s top nav bar. Once installed, the ShowDocument Broswer Add-on lets you initiate a session by simply clicking on the icon.

Learn more about the free ShowDocument Browser Add-on.