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Test Your Webcam

IMPORTANT: Please use headphones or lower your speakers' volume first.

  1. To test your audio and video input click on "Start camera and microphone" Then click "Allow" in the Adobe Flash Player Settings.
    Flash player not found. Please install Adobe Flash player.
  2. When you talk you should see the microphone volume goes up, if it does not, check that your mic is connected (if external) and that it is not on mute. Your webcam feed should appear in the display box above. If the box remains black, right-click on the box and choose "Settings..." from the menu.
  3. Choose the webcam icon.
    Camera Image
  4. Select the webcam you want to use from the drop down options. If there is no available webcam, please check your hardware configuration.
    Choose Camera Image
  5. Now click the camera icon to activate your webcam Web Camera Image
  6. If your video does not appear after you have clicked Start in your ShowDocument session, please repeat steps 2- 5 in your ShowDocument session.
    Video Setting Image