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White Papers

Read our thought-leadership white papers covering important aspects of the real-time collaboration and Real-time document-sharing market. See the trends, and HBR’s strategy for meeting emerging needs.

Improving the E-learning Experience (Winter 2010)

Many technical and pedagogical features are critical in designing an effective platform for e-learning. This white paper outlines the features of ShowDocument, a collaborative working and learning platform created by HBR Labs Inc. ShowDocument provide students with advanced real-time communication and collaboration tools that enable them to initiate and participate in fully synchronized face-to-face online meetings with teachers and other students. ShowDocument is hosted on the Internet and requires no special downloads, software, or additional configuration. ShowDocument’s ease of use and intuitive interface requires no training. The e-learning platform ShowDocument provides a personalized approach to learning and teaching online and can be used in a variety of educational settings.

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