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Who’s Using It?

Every day, thousands of tutors, students, home office workers and small businesses rely on ShowDocument to conduct online meetings, share documents and collaborate on projects.

With a rich suite of multimedia tools, ShowDocument offers a solution for people in all walks of life who need to collaborate with people across town, or across the ocean.

Frequent Use-Case Scenarios:

Client Meetings – Join the thousands of people who save time – and reduce their carbon footprint – by meeting with clients online. Share a wide array document types, such as web pages, design sketches, new campaign themes with other users. The time you save can be put towards completing your client projects!

Tutoring – Need to earn extra money tutoring chemistry or calculus? ShowDocument’s interactive whiteboard lets you walk students step-by-step through tough problems, enabling them to understand and learn. Your students won’t need to download or install any software in order to work with you.

School Projects – Collaborate with fellow students on assignments and projects. Share, discuss, and update Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other document you need for class. All participants can co-edit documents, and changes can be saved as a PDF (and emailed directly to your teacher).

Employee Training – Rolling out a new system in your company? Train employees using the screen-sharing and screen capture services. Demonstrate new applications, CRM tools, campaign software and more.

Customer Service Communications – Do you have overseas customers? ShowDocument is an affordable way to answer their customer service questions. Plus, a built-in chat translator lets you overcome language barriers.

Provide Directions to your Office, School or Event – Make it easy for clients to find your office – share and annotate Google Maps.

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